Our Mission

To serve our community by improving quality of life through health education and services in Winnebago County

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What We Do


Assist the Medical Society to improve the quality of life through health education and services in Winnebago County


Encourage the participation of volunteers in activities that meet health needs in our community


Cultivate friendly relationships and promote mutual understanding among physicians' families

WCMSA Membership

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Membership in the WCMSA is open to all physicians and their spouses who practice in Winnebago County.

All county members are also members of the state Alliance, the Illinois State Medical Society Alliance (ISMSA), and able to participate in all activities and access all services provided by this organization.

Membership in the National organization, the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA) is optional.

Our Projects

Rx: Read to Your Child

The WCMSA Rx: Read to Your Child program, which collaborates with the Crusader Clinics, began in 1995. The idea, originating at the Boston City Hospital, emphasizes the importance of reading aloud to young children. However, when money is scarce and the stress of daily life is great, sharing picture books may not be a priority. Therefore, at each 6 month - 4 year wellness visit, Crusader Clinic pediatricians give a new bilingual book along with the prescription to read. The books are donated by the WCMSA and over the past twenty years, Rx: Read to Your Child has placed more than 28,000 new books into the hands of children.

Stop America’s Violence Everywhere

WCMSA is celebrating 20 years of SAVE. Each year projects are planned to help stop violence in our community. Projects have included Hands Are Not For Hitting, anti-violence billboards, poster and poetry contests by school children, posters and booklets on the subject of bullying and skill building, and donations to WAVE.


Charisma is WCMSA's principal fundraiser and a great community event. All proceeds from Charisma benefit the Rockford Health Careers Foundation, which awards scholarships to health career students in the community, and Alliance for Community Health Inc., which distributes grants to health related community service projects fitting its criteria.