Rockford Health Careers Foundation
Alliance for Community Health Inc.
Rx: Read to Your Child
Established in 1954, the Rockford Health Careers Foundation was formed to promote health care education in Winnebago County. Each year, RHCF awards scholarships to students in many health related fields, including medicine, nursing, radiography, respiratory therapy, pharmacy and public health.
Formed in 2000, ACHI distributes monetary grants to community service projects that are supported by a current WCMSA member. Organizations must be 501(c)(3) groups that are working to improve the health and wellness in the Rockford community. 
In collaboration with Crusader Clinics, the Rx: Read to Your Child program emphasizes the importance of reading aloud to young children. At each 6 month – 4 year wellness visit, Crusader Clinic pediatricians give a new bilingual book along with the prescription to read. Books are donated by the WCMSA. 
Each year, SAVE projects are planned to help stop violence in our community. Projects have included Hands Are Not For Hitting, anti-violence billboards, poster and poetry contests by school children, posters and booklets on the subject of bullying and skill building, and donations to WAVE.